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Conversion to IFRS/US GAAP

IFRS adoption assistance

Our team is comprised of CPAs with experience in international departments at major accounting firms known for their expertise in IFRS/US GAAP. We offer comprehensive assistance for publicly listed corporations in adopting IFRS. While there are some items which can be converted to IFRS just by changing the accounting entries, there are also some that transform a business’ operations, such as the format of contracts on revenue recognition, pricing methods for services, currency hedge strategy, and M&A strategy. In addition, IFRS requires the disclosure of information about discontinued operations, goodwill impairment methods, and the financial impact of interest and exchange rate variation on profit and loss. This is much broader than Japanese or US standards and greatly increases management’s accountability to explain the details of their operations. We present these issues clearly and propose detailed and comprehensive solutions.

The standard steps that we recommend for IFRS adoption are:

Step 1 Identify the impact of the major differences in accounting standards with our standard check sheet.
Step 2 Prepare a concrete roadmap for IFRS implementation. The roadmap contains measures to address the items which affect the business’s operations and we explain these to management.
Step 3 Identify the practical issues in detail by using the roadmap established in meetings with management. At this stage, we address practical issues such as changes in transaction schemes, managerial accounting systems, and the IFRS consolidated reporting system, one by one.
Step 4 Determine the range and extent of the accounting data necessary for IFRS reporting. After determining the data types, we assist in creating an accounting manual in order to enable IFRS reporting. We also assist in creating a global accounting manual (English).
Step 5 Assist in revising the consolidation package to ensure compliance with IFRS.
Step 6 Assist in the preparation of IFRS-compliant trial financial statements. In particular, since there is a wide range of disclosure information, listing all necessary reporting data is valuable at this stage.
Step 7 Assist in IFRS training for domestic and overseas subsidiaries.
Step 8 Provide an IFRS reporting checklist.

Assistance with IPO in overseas markets

  • We provide assistance in the preparation of IFRS/US GAAP financial statements for overseas IPOs.
  • We use a standard format to identify the differences in accounting standards and promote a smooth conversion through an understanding of the overall situation.
  • We assist with an analysis of the differences between local accounting standards and IFRS/US GAAP.
  • We provide practical solutions for the acceleration of consolidated reporting, including internal control system.

Assistance for foreign-capital companies

  • We assist with the preparation of monthly reporting packages for submission to an overseas headquarters.
  • We assist with monthly/annual budget preparation and comparative performance analysis using our budget management software.
  • We also work with external auditors to ensure the smooth performance of external audits.

Assistance with English translation of financial statements and investor materials for a quarterly reporting system

In addition to verifying the consistency between financial statements⇔investor materials⇔operation plans, we offer advisory services on the creation of a corporate narrative to better attract foreign investors and maximize your business’s value.

Assistance with the creation of English annual reports

In addition to English annual reports based on securities filings in Japan, we also assist in the preparation of English annual reports based on US GAAP and IFRS.